Peace of Mind

Garcia’s Auto Care has the tools, knowledge and experience to diagnose and fix virtually anything on foreign and domestic vehicles.

Our business was founded on “doing things right” and providing top-quality repairs and routine maintenance so you and the people you care about can be safe and happy on the road. We combine hard work and dedication with state of the art computer technology –no guessing.

We handle standard maintenance items like oil changes and brakes and replacement of mufflers, shocks, ignition and engine parts all the way up to “big stuff” like engine tweaking, and even complete engine rebuilds – right here in our shop.

What We Stand For


Straight Talk – Straight Dealing

We know that many of our customers don’t have the background to be sure that all the things they’re told they need to do are critically important – or even real. Lots of customers thank us for not trying to “rip them off.” Our founder and owner, Giovanny Garcia, has made our shop a place where affordable meets quality every day – no exceptions.

We respect and care about our customers

We have families, concerns and budgets, just like you. We always try to do the right thing. Our goal is to diagnose the condition of your vehicle and present you with our recommendations for what should be done.

That means we don’t do “creative checkups” to find things that aren’t really wrong. If your vehicle does need work, we won’t just give you a price and tell you have to do a whole laundry list of “things.” We’re not out to empty your wallet. We will work with you – and present options.

Our Solutions

We Are Open 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM* Monday - Friday

*Closed Weekends

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Full-Service Solutions

We work hard and fast to find what needs to be done.

That’s why no auto repair shop in Central Ohio is more highly recommended by customers than Garcia’s Auto Care.


  • Visual Inspection

    Look under the hood and under the car

  • Test/Fill/Change

    Belts, Fluids, pipes, bushings, filters


  • Diagnosis

    Find out what’s working and what isn’t – and why

Big Problems

  • Get It To The Shop

    Make it easy for the customer

  • Find What Needs To Get Done

    Parts, Labor, and TIme – how much cost, how much time, and when it needs done

What Our Customers Say

happy customers

Great Work, Great Value
But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers say

“I had an experience recently with Garcia’s Auto Care, and I thought it might be a good example of why it can be SO important to know a good neighborhood car mechanic. In the past, I have often used a nearby location of a national muffler shop that also does general car repairs. It’s not far from my house. The guys that work there are all nice. They seem to do decent work (I’ve spent thousands of dollars with them!). They’ve even given me a ride home to my house (about a mile away) when they need several hours to work on the car. So I wouldn’t hesitate to use them in a pinch. But…recently, I had a problem with my exhaust system. Something had broken loose and it was making a LOT of noise. I stopped by the muffler shop and had them take a look. They did their analysis…showed me the broken clamp that held two sections of pipe together, and then showed me their printed repair estimate of $400. Well, I couldn’t afford that, and the price seemed a little out-of-line to me…so I brought it to Giovanny. He took a look and said he could take care of it for about $45. And, you know what? I walked out with a final bill of $45 + tax for what would have cost me $400 at the other place! Guess who gets my business from now on?”
Chuck B. (New Albany, OH)

“After getting a routine oil change at a Nationally known service center (who will remain nameless), I was told that I would need several items replaced, including 4 tie rods. Declined further service and took my car to Giovanny Garcia for a 2nd opinion. After fully inspecting the car, he determined that my tie rods were in great shape, not anywhere near catastrophic as described by the “other” place. No need to fix what isn’t broken. Thank you Giovanny for your continued integrity regarding honest car repair.”
Greg C. (Westerville, OH)
“Thanks for your expertise and craftsmanship on correcting the issue with my truck. I just want you to know I appreciate your patience with those of us that think we know a little about our vehicles.”
Gregg and Debbie D. (Dublin, OH)
“Thank you so much for repairing and delivering my car to me. I pray God’s blessings on you, your family and your business.”
Martha C. (Columbus, OH)