The Benefits of a Local Mechanic for Your Car

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A car is the second most significant investment many people will make in their lifetime as well as one that impacts you and your family’s safety. Proper maintenance and repair of your automobile therefore affects both your finances and the security of your loved ones. Therefore, the choice of a competent and diligent mechanic is one that should be carefully considered.
Most people have three options from which to choose when needing auto repair: a large national chain such as Pep Boys, NTB or Firestone…a car dealership or a local mechanic. Due to their exorbitant cost and a lack of tete a tete with the person actually doing the work on your vehicle, you can dismiss car dealerships out of hand unless the vehicle is still under warranty. With a large national chain, again you probably won’t have the opportunity of meeting the mechanic working on your car let alone discussing the repairs needed. Furthermore, national chains aren’t run by mechanics; they operate with revenue goals and decisions are made by corporate executives whose interest is running a business and not learning about an individual’s vehicle. High ticket jobs – hence, more revenue – take precedence over the routine maintenance a vehicle needs to maximize its performance and longevity.
A good local mechanic is a latter-day artisan of the community. He builds his business by word of mouth and establishing long-term relationships with his clients. Typically he not only works on your car, he either owns the business or has close contact with the owner. Over time he familiarizes himself with the vagaries of your vehicle and often can conjure creative and economical solutions for vehicle repair that an hourly employee for a national chain would not bother himself to consider. And of course, when you spend at a local business you keep more of your money in the community.
However, it can be a challenge to find a good local mechanic. He doesn’t have the advertising budget of a national chain so often a prospective customer may be unaware of the local mechanic’s services or location. Remember, good mechanics don’t need to advertise; they usually have all the business they can handle because of their repeat customers.
Obviously, if you’re in the Central Ohio area, we think you should check out Garcia’s Auto Care. But…not everyone lives in Central Ohio! Thanks to the internet, there are more ways to find a good local mechanic than just the recommendation of neighbors or family., Google Maps and Angie’s List all have reviews from a mechanic’s customers. has a feature called ‘Mechanics Files.’ Enter your zip code and find ratings based on honesty, price and competency for mechanics in that area. Look for affiliations posted at the garage like the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and the Automotive Service Association (ASA). Inquire at the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
Unless it’s an oil change your car needs, take the time to find a competent, locally owned, independent garage. In the long run you’ll save money and receive better service.

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  1. I like how you mentioned that local auto repair services begin to familiarize themselves with your car and how it works. This is a beautiful thing because then you become familiar with them as well. As a friendship develops between you and your mechanic it allows you to be more confident with the work being done. That way you can always know that things will be working the best they can!

  2. A car is second most remarkable investment for any person. Proper maintenance & repair of the automobile greatly affects the finances & security of ourselves & and our family members. Therefore we must choose a competent & industrious mechanic for our car repair. To find a good local mechanic is really a challenging task. A local mechanic does not have advertising budget at national level. So a prospective customer rarely knows a local mechanic’s service or location. A good mechanic does not need advertising. They are well known from their business standard and the number of their customers. So we should take enough time to choose an efficient local mechanic to get better service & save our money. Because local mechanics will always remain in touch with us.

  3. Thanks for pointing out that really good mechanics tend to have established their business by long-term relationships with clients and word-of-mouth. My car is starting to make this weird choking noise whenever I turn it on. I’ll have to find someone like you described who can repair my car for me.

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