About Garcia’s

Giovanny’s Story

In the 1990’s I decided that I wanted to do mechanical work that involved motors. I got my chance to work on automobiles and have never looked back. I have done a great amount of work on domestic vehicles, primarily cars and light trucks, ever since.

I spent most of my “working for other people” time making exotic vehicles work the right way – which is not easy. Audis, Porsches, Saabs, Mini Coopers, BMW’s and Jaguars – even brands like Rolls Royce, Lotus and Lamborghini – I have worked on all of those and more.

Of course, I’m also very familiar with domestic cars and German, Japanese, Korean and others. There are very few cars I don’t know extremely well. I have also invested in the equipment, technology and education that you need to be able to do computer diagnostics for virtually all the cars and light trucks made.

All of this experience and investment come down to one thing – when you bring a car to my shop, we will figure out how to make it run at its very best performance level.

Along the way, I have hired great people and had wonderful customers – I’m truly blessed and thankful. I also am dedicated to working with people who may not have the money to get all the work done on their car all at once. We will work with customers who don’t have the money to just say “do it all.”

Talk to me or anyone else at our shop and you’ll find respect and understanding – plus what we truly believe is the best work you can get at any auto repair shop in the world.

Well over twenty years, and I still have the desire to help people with their cars.

How We Help You

We do everything we can to be a trustworthy, affordable, convenient and timely resource for our customers.

You can call us for an appointment or book an appointment online.

Should your vehicle require extensive repairs, we’ll tell you what has to get done, and what can be put off (not forgotten) for a while.

We always do our best to get you back on the road. And, if you think you can find a better deal than we can and want to buy your own “new parts,” and have us install them, we’ll do that too. We can’t warranty factory defects on your self-supplied parts, but if we made a mistake on installation, that is guaranteed.

We also want you to know that we try to take the “mystery” out of vehicle servicing and repair. No, we’re not going to teach you mechanics, but we will explain what needs to be done and why.

We also will not get into “creative diagnostics” like some companies do – where they search out anything that might require replacement or repair. We don’t like that kind of activity. We believe that mutual trust and respect are the basis of any kind of business relationship and we do our level best to deserve your trust and earn your business.

Our story is really simple – we’re in business to make a fair profit for doing the best work and we want you to become a long-term customer. We’re not in the “fast buck” business and we will absolutely not take advantage of anyone, period.

So come to our shop and let us work for you. You will have peace of mind knowing that anything we do is focused on giving you the most reliable vehicle service possible.